Petaluma Pumpkin Patch Rave Reviews

Read some of our wonderful reviews below from both families and young urban residents that have fallen in love with the Petaluma Pumpkin Patch and Amazing Corn Maze. For some of our visitors it’s the pumpkins and farm experience and for others the Amazing Corn Maze draws them each year to Petaluma as a Halloween tradition.


A Great Corn Maze

Petaluma Pumpkin Patch“I had this lifelong wish to experience a true live garden maze — like the hedge maze featured in “the Shining” (where is that one located anyway?) One in which you could actually get lost, or at least, have difficulty finding your way out of. (Why aren’t prepositions allowed at the end of sentences? mine always end up there somehow)

There are a number of spiritual/meditative disciplines that place value on the labyrinth or maze for meditative journey and spiritual exploration–that and they are just fabulously cool and the kid in me wants to get lost in one and have Harry Potter save me.

So my daughter and I finally heard about the one here in Petaluma. I was sure I would be disappointed since so many mazes really aren’t amazing at all (at that time my daughter’s favorite books were this great series with titles such as “The Great Double Maze Book”–wonderful large picture maze books)

We were very happily surprised.

If the one in The Shining is a 10 on the scale of live mazes (which it is)–then this one is about a 7.5 or 8. Not bad for a quick growing corn field on a pumpkin patch.

We went again with her friends when she was 10 and actually got tired and lost. There weren’t very many people there so there was no cheating (we don’t buy the postcard map and are on an honor system not to cheat). By the time we got out we were parched, desperately had to pee, and felt extremely pleased with ourselves that we found the way out! A great experience for 10 year old girls–maybe not too happy for 3 or 5 year olds.

Nowadays it’s easier since we know the ropes (bring something to drink). I don’t know if my 16 year old will want to go this year–we’ll see.

It definitely has come up in the world since my daughter and I started coming here 8 years ago. They now have a website:… and hence a bigger parking lot so it can get quite crowded…but I imagine if you come during the off times it will be fine.

Great pumpkins, gourds and a variety of animals to admire, make it a day and worth the drive.”

Liza B., San Francisco, CA

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Reasonable & Fun

Petaluma Pumpkin Patch“I expected this to be lame. Too easy, childish, silly, not worth my time were all things I was considering when we impulse pulled off the highway driving back to San Francisco on Sunday at 5:20 PM October 27th (they stop letting you into the maze at 5:30, except Friday and Saturday nights). I was so very wrong. The corn maze was, actually, a-maze-ing, as they brand it; actually confusing, actually difficult (although the “left-hand-rule will work), and when they say it will take an average of 45 minutes, you probably cannot complete it in under 25 even with zero wrong turns and power-walking.

Price is very reasonable; $5 per person for the maze, kids under 5 are free, $1 for a map. There a bunch of other amusements here, including the pumpkin patch, some food for sale, and a petting zoo.

I will definitely be back next year with a large group of friends.”

Zachary R., San Francisco, CA


Game On in the Maze

Petaluma Pumpkin Patch“Yeah, I’m a nerd. So what?

First the Tactile Dome, and now the Amazing Corn Maze. Do you see a pattern?

Well, you know what else I am? A cheater. And here’s why…

A group of us took it upon ourselves to rally up to Petaluma on Friday night to see what all the fuss over the Corn Maze (not spelled Maize — which would have been a little too clever for the likes of Petaluma) was about.

It was around 9pm. The maze stays open until 10:30ish. Armed with a backpack and some breadcrumbs (just in case we had to Hansel and Gretel it), we got in line. There were most likely about 300 people there — and probably the same amount in the maze already.

After deciding Boys against Girls, my girl Peni and I, went to see if we could get the inside advantage. We talked to one of the workers there, and he said the maze could easily take 2 hours, without the $1 Map they were selling, which was just an aerial picture taken of the maze.

Peni and I secretly bought the map, at which point she also informed me that she smuggled a flash light.

OK, I know what you are thinking. But I already told you I am a cheater. BUT, I will admit I was a little scared of the maze. Club Dread, The Shining, The Labyrinth, Children of the Corn, to name a few…

The maze has NO lights. None. It is corn, double over-head, and it is freaking dark. So we started off, and immediately we all got separated, but Peni and stuck together, and armed with our flashlight and map, we headed into the unknown.

Seriously, it’s a little freaky. It’s Halloween time, there are people screaming and laughing and running all around you, sometimes you will look behind you and someone is following you, and then they take a different turn and they are gone. It can be creepy, and if you are not into dark and kinda scary, then it isn’t for you.

There are panic buttons — guys in orange vests, who can help if you’re lost — but they still have the Halloween spirit, and will tell you how to get out, once and that’s it.

We had so much fun. It was a little adrenaline rush, and a fun thing to get in the Halloween mood.

So, we burned the guys BAD. I mean, they got spanked. And yes, we cheated. Hard. Dirty, rotten scoundrels. We talked it over with each other, and we decided we are OK with that title.

Saturday night, we burned the map. Now it’s our, and your, little secret.”

Rachel G., San Francisco, CA

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A Family Tradition

Petaluma Pumpkin Patch“I have been coming here since I was a kid and it never gets old. Now I can pass on the tradition to my son.

They have a great selection of pumpkins even a few days before Halloween and the corn maze is a must to try to conquer! The staff that are there are pretty helpful if you have any questions.

If it has rained recently Just make sure you wear some rain boots because it will be MUDDY.

On top of a great pumpkin selection they also have mini pumpkins and white pumpkins available for decor as well as corn husks if you would like to really decorate your home up with Autumn theme.

Traffic does get backed up on the 101 highway south bound just outside the pumpkin patch from all the rubber neckers however to rate this place 1 or 2 stars because of it is extremely unfair in my opinion.

If you are thinking about coming here from a far off city in the Bay Area it is well worth the drive and is very kid friendly. They usually have piles of hay that kids love to climb on and the corn maze can be a lot of fun.

They have a private dirt lot you can park in and do offer wheelbarrows to assist you in toting your pumpkins around.

Again this place is seriously worth the drive for a fun day trip with the family.”

Patrick R., Sebastopol, CA


Cynicism Melts with Corn Maze

Petaluma Pumpkin Patch“My cynicism melts in the face of the corn maze! I admit it! I’m totally bummed I missed it this year. How often do you get to try out a real maze? A huge field of pumpkins ready to pick buts up against a 10-foot high corn maze. There’s only one way out, so make sure to leave enough time to find your way!

It’s actually totally worth a trip up from the city, and Petaluma and Sebastopol both have great restaurants and antique stores to while away the rest of your time. Open from 10-6 for the whole month of October (and until 10pm Fri and Sat). Great for kids, big or small.”

Arwen O., San Francisco, CA


Fun & An Amazing Maze

Petaluma Pumpkin Patch“Very fun!! The maze is definitely difficult. Even if you buy a map for $1.00, it’s not easy. It took our group of four adults almost an hour, even with the map! Admission to the maze is $5.00/person above the age of six. Children five and under are free. Not expensive, that’s for sure.

We didn’t buy any pumpkins, but there were definitely a lot to choose from. There were food/drink stands, and the fire department was there giving little “tours” to the kids for their engines. That was neat.”

Angela H., Concord, CA

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Good Location & Plenty of Pumpkins

Petaluma Pumpkin Patch“Good location, easy parking if you arrive near opening time. Plenty of wheel barrows to collect and carry your pumpkins. The corn kernel play area and the hay mountain were both huge hits for my little guy. He liked the pumpkins and the livestock on display also but definitely had the most fun in the corn kernels. Pricing for the pumpkins seemed very reasonable. All in all a great little outing.  We will likely go to half moon bay next year but since we weren’t up for huge crowds this time around the Petaluma pumpkin patch was a great alternative.”

K.H., San Francisco, CA


Fell in Love with Petaluma Pumpkin Patch

Petaluma Pumpkin Patch“Love, love, and then loved it some more.  This place reminded me of the “good” old days when  you cut a pumpkin off a vine rather than just picking it up off a shelf at the corner store.  Hey mom/dad remember that time we went to Safeway and picked up a pumpkin that really created a great family memory, no one has ever said.

I personally loved the farm animals in all of their cuteness.  We got their around feeding time and like all things, they loved food.  I think animals can sense good people and they happily trotted up to us to be petted.   A small pig ran from his food troth to greet me at the entrance of his enclosure, then sniffed my hand which was followed by a crunch.  The little guy was earnestly trying to gently nibble a certain gem stone out of my ring.  Oh little Frodo piglet, you will never get the ring to the circle of fire.  Ladies and gents, this pig has great taste in jewelry so unless you want to riffle through pig droppings keep your gems away from the little pink piggy in the pen.

I liked the animals were free to interact with who they liked rather than having their ears tugged all day by kids.  The pig, cow, and goats were all in exceptionally clean enclosures with access to food, shade, and water.  It didn’t feel exploitative or forced.

The place does have pony ride but I am not a fan of forcing animals to walk around in a circle all day, so a star off for that.  Really I feel that the price or length of the ride is not relevant to any discussion regarding animal welfare.  Nor is the ability to take or not to take a photo.

If the animals don’t impress you bounce on over to the bouncy houses, get lost in a corn maze which operates day and night ,roll around in a corn kernel pit , cool down with a water pump race, and or vogue it up in one of the adorable photo ops cut outs.

The entire operation was well thought out.  They maximized the parking lot to ge obtain the most parking spots.  An ATM was on site, yes there is a fee to use it.  A row of corn discretely hid the dark blue outhouses from ruining the ambiance of farm time fun.   Large sun flowers line the rim of the corn incorporating bright burst of color  into every photo take on the lot.

The hardworking farmer is onsite and talked about his love of the work.  I am not sure if its family owned or not but I do know working 20-30 acres of land keeps a lot of families employed.”

Mary P., San Francisco, CA

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Kids Had a Great Time

Petaluma Pumpkin Patch“It was open this year.  The maze was moderately difficult and fun.  They will sell a map to you for $1.00, if you are worried about finding a way out.

I met many returning visitors who said that the maze changes each year.

The kids had a great time and went through it several times after it became dark.

Go before 6:00 p.m. to save money, it was only $5.00 per person versus $9.00.”

Steve L., Novato, CA


Incredible Corn Maze

Petaluma Pumpkin Patch“Alright…being from SF, this is definitely a drive, especially when we saw two or three pumpkin patches on the way. However, once we got there, it was a fun time. They do a really good job, and it’s a place where you can have some good wholesome fun with the family.

As expected, there are tons of kids running around. They have a pretty good sized patch where you can go pick your pumpkin at more than affordable prices. They also sell other gourds and random items that fit within the Thanksgiving theme. There is an animal petting area with cows, sheep, donkeys, and a horse. A nice quaint little area, to be expected being that it’s in Petaluma.

The real attraction, however, is the corn maze. It’s really well done. It was my first ever experience in a corn maze. It’s quite hard to get out of the maze once you’re in it. I can’t say much more about it other than you just have to try it. They also provided a map just in case you get frustrated going around in circles. So make sure at least one person in your group knows how to read a map.

Go check it out. You’ll have fun.”

Samir P., San Jose, CA


Family Destination

Petaluma Pumpkin Patch“Fun place to bring your family and tire the kids out.  Once you’ve finally made it through the challenging maze, you can recharge them with cookies, hamburgers, hotdogs, and then turn them loose in the pumpkin patch.  I got to say, this is the only pumpkin patch I bring my kid to and they do the even right every year.  This is why I will keep coming back every fall.  This is one of our favorite family traditions.”

Dennis M., Santa Rosa, CA

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A Great Way to Spend an Afternoon

Petaluma Pumpkin Patch“Hey everyone-

I just want to say this was a great way to spend an afternoon. We loved the maze and must admit I for one was very glad I spent the extra buck on the post card map. otherwise my fiance and I might still be in the corn lost! what a blast, I went to a corn maze in Connecticut many years ago and remembered just how much fun it was. My Lady and I are to be married this Saturday and we sure needed to just relax and take a break. This place relay is a fun inexpensive way to just unwind and have fun.

If you have kids be prepared to have a blast watching your kids have some real honest ruining” jumping” laughing and most important” real exercise with allot of thinking involved. The sand box is actually a Corn Box wow how fun is that for a Kid, we even jumped in and were in our fifties, when am I going to see that again?. We met the owner Jim and he’s been farming his whole life and was relay interested in sharing his knowledge with us but what I really liked was the way he took the time to talk to the kids about the farming life and the animals that he has there at the sight. The goats were my favorite’s. All the animals have clean water shade and plenty of food. We spent eleven dollars for three hours of fun” good deal.
We will be back next year and hopefully we’ll have my then wife’s kindergarten class with us. This would be a great field trip for elementary school’s.

PS. The owner really makes this a great affordable place for family schools and kids, I wish there were more places like this. Thanks Jim, we will see you again next year.”

Bryan S., Sausalito, CA