The Night Maze Experience

Petaluma Night MazeCome enjoy the Petaluma Pumpkin Patch Amazing Night Maze. Think of the Corn Maze, with only the moon and stars to light your way, spooky!

The Night Maze  is an incredible experience for Halloween. Admission to the Night Maze is on Friday and Saturday nights.

Entrance to the Night Maze closes at 9:30pm. The pumpkin and sales area are lit, but the Corn Maze has no lighting at night.

Bring your flashlights and your best ingenuity and take on friends and family to see who gets through the Night Maze first!

Petaluma Night MazeCorn Maze Trivia

  • The Corn Maze encompasses 4 acres.
  • Farmer Jim personally designs a new Corn Maze every year.
  • It takes approximately 160,000 corn seeds to plant the Corn Maze.
  • The 174 rows of corn are equivalent to 13.2 miles.
  • The day after Halloween the Amazing Corn Maze is cut down and made into silage for cattle.

Visit the Amazing Corn Maze


Corn Maze Admission

Day Maze-Monday through Sunday 10am-6pm (enter by 5:30pm)

5 years and under FREE

6 years and over-$5.00

Colored Aerial Postcard Maps-$1.00

Farmer Jim Personally Designs a New Amazing Corn Maze Each Year!

Friday and Saturday night-NIGHT MAZE!

6pm to 10pm-$9.00 (entry closes at 9:30pm)